Alberta Spring 2012 Farm Land Value Report

Farmland values in Alberta increased an average of 4.5% during the second half of 2011, following gains of 4.0% and 1.5% in the previous two reporting periods. The province has seen values continue to rise since 1993.

Strong agricultural commodity prices, along with increased oilfield activity, appeared to spur confidence in the economy, with land prices either holding their value or increasing.

Farmland values in some areas of the Peace region and central Alberta have increased and were comparable to values observed in 2007 and 2008, before the 2009 drought.

In southern Alberta, land was generally considered to be a sound investment. Large producers competed for good cultivated farmland, fuelling demand and pushing prices upward.

Irrigated land suitable for specialty crops continued to be in high demand, while marginal land suitable for hay and cattle production also saw increases.

Source: FCC Website